College Decision Day








What is College Decision Day?

The goal of College Decision Day is to celebrate the hard work of our college-bound students and raise awareness of the importance of College Access and Success Organizations in Harlem and across the City.

Contemporary American culture, technocratic and complex, contains solitary chances and issues. Its technocracy and fortune manages the majority of its natives a phenomenal style of life in wording of merchandise, administrations, and recreation. It additionally exhibits colossal issues having to do with profound turmoil and clashes of qualities among its residents, the homeostasis of its economy, the safeguarding, of its environment, its relations with less advantaged yet associated countries, what’s more, the support and sustain of the foundations whereupon it is reliant for its feasibility.
Unmistakably, both scholarly inclination and money related status add to the choice to enter school; Clearly, as well, for a large number of people, substantially more is included than these two factors, and projects intended to advance advanced education should likewise take best assignment help in australia as an example of successful experience and numerous other significant elements into record. Accordingly, those instructors and Officials in charge of the arrangement and advancement of advanced education direly need a nearby information of the general impact of the numerous variables that contribute to the person’s choice to enter school and utilize its chances.
The assurance to enter school isn’t commonly an unconstrained choice, yet rather the aftereffect of various complex factors that have happened over an extensive stretch of time, from early adolescence to the point of cognizant expectation to enter school and that keep on adding to industriousness in school.

HEAF invites you to the Apollo Theater to cheer on 250 students announcing aloud their college selections for our 7th Annual celebration of College Decision Day on May 10th. Students will take the stage and announce their college selections to a cheering audience filled with peers, families, colleges, job hunting tips and supporters.

Emcee: Ron Claiborne, Former Correspondent at ABC News
Speakers: Keith Shoates (Vista Equity partners)


May 10, 2019



Apollo Theater
253 W 125th St
New York, NY 10027

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Partner Organizations


Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM)/ The Art of Problem Solving
Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation
Dream Yard
East Harlem Tutorial Program
Henry Street Settlement
Hispanic Federation
Hunts Point Alliance for Children
I Challenge Myself
New Settlement
NYU College Advising Corps
Street Quash
Student Leadership Network
Summer Search
The Boys Club of New York
The Opportunity Network
Union Settlement
Urban Dove
Yonkers Partners in Education



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