March 21 – March 31, 2017

$11,000 | 11 days | $11 Increments


HEAF is launching our first online campaign fundraiser 11 x 11!

Our goal is to raise $11,000 in 11 days from March 21 – March 31. The 11 x 11 giving campaign is about the power of the masses.  We might not have a lot to give, but if we all do a little, we can dramatically make a difference.

We graciously ask to give what you can, whether it’s $11, or more.  And we hope you will ask 11 of your friends to do the same.  It’s give $11 and ask 11.  It’s that simple.  And with your help we can take this small, grassroots campaign and turn it into something really big!

We are power in numbers and we are the power to help HEAF maintain its 11 year commitment to our students and families.

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11x11Team Captain Crowdrise Instructions

Fundraising Hints and Sample Email