11 friends | $11 Increments | 11 Ways to Make an Impact

GOAL: $77,000 

Our goal is to raise $77,000. We are extending this campaign to give people a chance to keep giving during this time of uncertainty. The 11 x 11 giving campaign is about the power of the masses.  We might not have a lot to give, but if we all do a little, we can dramatically make a difference.  
There are three ways you can get involved:
  1. Become a Team Captain!  All you have to do is give $11 (or more!), and ask 11 people you know to do the same. Click here to get started:Create your personal fundraising page today!
  2. Make a One Time Donation to the 11 x 11 Campaign: Donate $11, $33, $55, $111, $330 or more: #HEAF 11 x 11 Fundraising Page
  3. Help support or sponsor one of our grades!
Harlem Middle School
Harlem High School
Brooklyn Middle School
Brooklyn High School
Queens Middle School
College Students

It’s super simple, super easy, and super fun! The #HEAF 11 x 11 is all about harnessing the power of small donations.  We are power in numbers and we are the power to help HEAF maintain it’s 11 year commitment to our students and families.
This year HEAF wants to INCLUDE you in making a critical change in a student’s life. We will come TOGETHER to create a powerful platform where everyone gets to tell their story – INCLUDING YOU.   
What will it take for every young person to feel INCLUDED?

Let’s reach $77,000 #HEAF 11 x 11 TOGETHER it will be done!  


Need help fundraising? Here are a few tips and tricks!