College Quest High School Enrichment

High school is an especially difficult time for most students because of conflicting social pressures and numerous demands on their time. College Quest offers a wealth of engaging educational experiences and college-level coursework to assist our members in navigating these challenges and remaining focused on their education. In 9th-11th grade, students have many opportunities to discover new interests and improve their existing skills. As a 12th grader, each student receives one-on-one guidance as they complete college applications and choose among their acceptances.


Among other services, we provide the following:


  • Providing college-level coursework, liberal arts and STEM instruction as well as the fundamentals of financial literacy
  • Familiarizing students with college campus environments through multiple college tours
  • Guiding and supporting participants through every step of the college search and application process
  • Increasing student access to multiple scholarship and financial aid opportunities


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College Quest continues our program of academic enrichment and youth development that starts in middle school with High Expectations while bringing greater focus to college exploration, college readiness and the college application process.

Program Elements

  • Competitive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) opportunities through a partnership with NYU-Poly, which prepares high school students to compete in the First Tech Challenge robotics competition
  • [email protected] – an opportunity for college-level coursework through a partnership with Barnard College
  • Learning for Social Impact™(LSI) — HEAF’s annual cultural literacy class that focuses on the political history, cultural identity and economic structures of a different region of the world or group of people. The class culminates in a service-learning excursion to work with young people from the region studied throughout the class
  • Enrichment and accelerated coursework with emphasis on math, science and writing
  • Comprehensive financial aid counseling and workshops for parents and students
  • Week-long college tour for high school juniors
  • SAT test preparation
  • One-on-one mentor relationships with professionals in business, academia and other disciplines