Our Programs

HEAF galvanizes public, private, and higher education stakeholders to eliminate barriers to college for high-potential, under- served students. We have a collaborative program model that brings together the educational resources of local cultural institutions, higher education institutions, community-based organizations, and a highly qualified staff in ways that have clear indications that the “achievement gap” can be selectively addressed. HEAF has a particular focus on middle-performing students who have the potential to make significant academic and social gains with our particular brand of “intervention.”

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HEAF Academic Continuum

HEAF’s Academic Continuum is a multi-year, sequential program that includes academic advancement, leadership, and character development. Students attend after-school, Saturday, and summer classes in math, language arts, humanities, science, and the fine arts. Students also take youth development classes and participate in retreats and service projects where they learn communication, negotiation, and leadership skills through a variety of enjoyable team-building activities. Fridays are reserved for recreational activities, including HEAF’s gender-specific groups, the Youth Leadership Council and optional recreational classes.