HEAF @ Brooklyn

Housed at The Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance, HEAF @ Brooklyn provides a plethora of core curriculum enrichment classes as well as rich electives to further engage students by providing them space to express themselves creatively and intellectually. Throughout all facets of Brooklyn programming, thinking critically is a pervasive theme presented throughout.


Our Program

Classes/Core Curriculum

Humanities – Humanities in Brooklyn focuses on learning through a critical lens not only through readings but also engaging activities and lesson plans. In addition to critical thinking focused lessons, our 7th and 8th grade students undergo SHSAT prep for both ELA and Math.

Math – Math in Brooklyn augments student learning that is done at their respective middle schools. The curriculum that is taught is meant to bolster a student’s core curriculum learning as well as proficiency on the SHSAT.


Chess – Our Chess class, which is hosted by Chess Max Academy, challenges students to reflect on their choices when it comes to this classic board game. Taught by grand masters of Chess, this class aims to provide students with transferable analytical skills in other facets of their lives as well.

Art – Art in Brooklyn is intentional in its programming, giving students not only a creative outlet to express themselves but to also to do so in a structured way that allows them to add substantial work to their art portfolios, if desired.

Debate – Debate class in Brooklyn engages students to think structurally about their arguments, and does so in a structured setting. Utilizing guidelines from the New York City Urban Debate League, our Debate class prepares students for full fledged and structured debates, held monthly throughout New York City..

Nature – The Natural Classroom exposes students to the natural aspect of their urban environment. In conjunction with NYC Parks and Recreation, this class sheds light on student’s local parks and the function that they serve not only to the community but also the environment at large. Students learn about biology, botany, geology, and many other facets of science all in the comfort of their own backyard.

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HEAF @ Brooklyn is in session!

Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance
125 Stuyvesant Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11221

To learn about how you or your child can get involved, visit our admissions page here.