College Quest High School Enrichment

High school is an especially difficult time for most students because of conflicting social pressures and numerous demands on their time. College Quest offers a wealth of engaging educational experiences and college-level coursework to assist our members in navigating these challenges and remaining focused on their education. In 9th-11th grade, students have many opportunities to discover new interests and improve their existing skills. As a 12th grader, each student receives one-on-one guidance as they complete college applications and choose among their acceptances.

Among other services, we provide the following:

  • Familiarizing students with college campus environments through multiple college tours
  • Guiding and supporting participants through every step of the college search and application process
  • Increasing student access to multiple scholarships and financial aid opportunities
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College Quest continues our program of academic enrichment and youth development that starts in middle school with High Expectations while bringing greater focus to college exploration, college readiness, and the college application process.

Virtual Programming

College Quest (CQ) Class – 9th – 12th

Students in College Quest participate in weekly seminars. In this seminar, they are introduced to the CARA College Inquiry curriculum. CARA is a comprehensive, inquiry-based, field-tested curriculum for grades 9-12. It addresses the landscape of postsecondary options, the college application process, financial aid, and career exploration.

Industry Immersion

Students receive one-on-one mentorship, explore their careers, and build their networks.  Upon completion of the program, students will have gained essential professional development skills and hands-on experience in a specific industry, as well as have built a network they can reach out to in the future.

Students in Action

Students In Action (SIA) is a unique youth service, leadership, and recognition program that supports, trains, and empowers today’s youth to be leaders, problem solvers, entrepreneurs, and impactful global citizens. Students will be focused on engaging in several service projects throughout the year with the chance to be recognized if selected as the winning team.

Cultural Literacy

This course will introduce participants to culturally enriching experiences and challenging inquiry that will expand their awareness, confidence, and knowledge of history and current events. Participants will co-create the course structure exploring the performing, fine, and culinary arts, and cultural competency of the specific theme that year.

Career Development Series





Student Opportunities


Rising 9th graders participate in a week-long overnight program at a college campus called Transition to High School. Upon completion of the program, students would have gained academic, communication, and conflict resolution skills in order to be successful in high school.


During this summer program, HEAF students will reside on the campus at Drew University for two weeks in July. They will live in campus residence halls and have access to all campus facilities. They will work with undergraduate mentors, who are selected from among Drew students for their academic strengths and leadership skills. The academic program will be staffed by full-time Drew faculty from a variety of fields. The students will all participate in a range of academic classes that develop different skill-sets.