Thank you for your interest in sharing your time and talents with HEAF!

Volunteers are invaluable additions to our program and greatly enhance the opportunities we offer our students. Offering time and service at HEAF, whether it is a one-time speaking engagement or a year-long mentoring relationship, increases our ability to ensure success for all of our students. HEAF students benefit from the skills and guidance they receive from volunteers and volunteers experience the priceless satisfaction that comes from working with motivated youth and serving their community.

If you have questions or need more information please contact Kelli Goodman, Manager of Volunteer Initiatives.


HEAF gave me the opportunity to work with the students in more ways than one. I was teaching Geometry, but really I felt I was teaching confidence and providing them with support they don’t always receive. I could see my encouragement and confidence make an immediate difference in their test performance and view of their own ability to succeed. Showing unconditional faith showed them how to have unconditional faith in themselves.

Bianca Boschmans

High Expectations Tutor, Deloitte

Signing up and getting to work with the students at HEAF is a truly rewarding experience. These kids are perceptive, brilliant and hungry to learn. Despite being the tutor, I leave each session inspired by them!

Romain Mereau

High Expectations Tutor