Your donation helps ensure that our students reach their full potential!

HEAF welcomes your support to ensure brighter futures for New York City’s most deserving students.

HEAF has stepped up to meet the needs of our students and families during this time, offering all of our classes and tutoring virtually and enhancing programs. But we can’t do it alone, we are in this together. And HEAF needs you. Thank you for your support, especially during these trying times!

Your tax-deductible gift helps us provide underserved youth of New York City access to resources to help them succeed in middle school, high school, college, and beyond.


Here’s how your donation can make a difference for our students:


$100 can help provide 10 books for our One HEAF, One Book Program.

$250 can help support HEAF’s arts program classes, exposing our middle school students to a world-class visual and cultural arts education.

$500 can help provide 10 hours of upper level math instruction for our middle school students.

$1,000 helps HEAF guide High School Juniors on new ways to experience college tours and prepare them for the college entry process.

$5,000 helps fund a semester of entrepreneurship classes where students will receive one-on-one mentorship, explore their careers, and build their networks.

$10,000 helps equip middle and high school students with STEAM quality Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts + Mathematics electives.

$25,000 can help to fund the cost of educating five students at HEAF for an entire year.

$50,000 can help underwrite HEAF’s Summer Quest programs helping students and families avoid Summer Melt, and engage in classes such as Shark Tank, Doctor Doctor, Mandarin, Architecture, and Amusement Park Design.