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HEAF’s Alumni Network is dynamic and diverse; it includes doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, business owners, and scientists. Regardless of where they end up, HEAF alumni have a common drive to succeed – and to give back.

The Alumni Engagement effort at HEAF is a two-way street. HEAF offers continual support to alumni in the form of social events, professional development, graduate school advice, and career guidance. HEAF alumni give back. They mentor current HEAF students, stuff care packages, make donations, sit on panels, and advocate for the programs that helped them succeed in school and life.

Chelsea Hardy

Manhattan Village Academy, 2010
Hampton University, 2014
Professional Studies at LIM College, 2015

Digital Ecommerce Professional

“High school retreat, the college tour, and staff always encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone.”

Nataja Flood

Frederick Douglass Academy II, 2012
Wheaton College, 2016
Teachers College at Columbia University, expecting 2020

Creative Writing Teacher

“Utilize this support (HEAF) because so many students are wishing they had people in their lives that cared about their futures this much!”

Janai Smith

High School for Environmental Studies, 2006
University of Vermont, 2010

Human Rights Education

“Project Mississippi is my most memorable HEAF experience because it was my first exposure to social injustice and shaped the person I am today.”

Cristel Taveras

The Beacon School, 2010
Fordham University, 2014

Paralegal, Women’s Rights Project with the ACLU

“I got to meet people, one of which has become my closest friend. I was more social and more relaxed around strangers; more inclined to join things where I did not know anyone and put myself out there.”

Kamil Donaldson

High School and Graduation Year: Frederick Douglass Academy II, 2010
College and Graduation Year: CUNY City College, 2014
Major: Business Administration
Post Grad Education: Masters of Arts at Teachers College of Columbia University, Expected 2019

Current Profession and Title:  Human Resources, Recruiter Coordinator

What brought you into HEAF: I was involved with HEAF due to the need of a system of support for my young development

What is your most memorable HEAF experience?: I remember going to the HEAF retreats. They were so much fun and I ended up making a lot of memorable memories.

Which skills/life lessons did you learn at HEAF that you refer to in your professional life?:  I learned how to work in groups. It is an important skill that i still refer to in my current profession

What is one piece of advice that you would offer a current HEAF student?: I would tell that student to be open to everything that comes your way and to never stop or lose the love of learning.

Do you still keep in touch with anybody from HEAF?: Yes! I still keep in touch with two girls that are my friends ever since HEAF.

Tell me about your professional/career journey, how did you get to where you are today?

During my undergraduate years I knew that I really wanted to be involved with the Human resources department within a company. It is a passion of mine that eventually led me to work in people development.

What do you like most about Human Resources? Working with clients is my favorite thing about my current profession.

What is a professional accomplishment you are most proud of? My proudest accomplishment is creating a philanthropic firmware that allows our employees to volunteer in a program or issue that they are passionate about.

What are your current professional/life goals?: My goal is be a consultant in my line of work.

What are two fun facts about you? I am the youngest of four and I absolutely love children

If you had a totally free Saturday how would spend it? I would honestly take dance classes. I love dancing.

Alumni Committee

Justina Foggie

Justina Foggie

Alumni Committee Chair

University of Virginia – Class of ’08
Teach for America

Yasmin Jones

Yasmin Jones

Christina Mcdonald

Christina Mcdonald

Temple University – Class of ’21

Shamira Ibrahim

Shamira Ibrahim

Washington and Lee University – Class of ’11

Yinette Fernandez

Yinette Fernandez

Fordham University – Class of ’11

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