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We’re opening doors for New York City’s underserved youth.

HEAF provides an extended continuum of educational and youth development and leadership opportunities to high-potential, underserved students throughout the city. Our goal is to help students develop the intellectual curiosity, academic ability, social values, and personal resilience they need to ensure success in school, career, and life. We welcome you to learn more about HEAF!

HEAF Impact

years changing the lives of young people


of our students graduate from high school and are accepted to 4-year colleges


of our students earn bachelor degrees

$100 can provide 10 books for our One Heaf, One Book Program

$500 can provide 10 hours of upper-level math instruction for our middle school students.

$5,000 can provide a semester of entrepreneurship classes that include 1:1 mentorship, career exploration, and network-building.

This giving season, invest in a future where HEAF students can unlock their full potential. We can’t give up on educating the next generation of future leaders. Thank you for your support, especially during these trying times!

HEAF has a 31-year track record of delivering strong, permanent outcomes that exceed NYC and national averages:

* 100% of our students graduate high school on time—the 2019 average is 67% for African American students and 64% for Hispanic students in Harlem.

* Nearly 100% of our students enroll in four-year colleges immediately after graduating high school—in NYC 57% of students enroll in college or career programs within 6 months of graduation.

* 83% of our college students earn a bachelor’s degree within six years—nationally, the average is 37% for African American students and 42% for Hispanic students who are enrolled in private four-year colleges.

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Upcoming Events

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2020


Class of 2020 College Commitments

Alfred State
Babson College
College of Wooster
CUNY City College
CUNY College of Staten Island
CUNY Lehman College
Hostos Community College
Howard University
Morgan State University
Rochester Institute of Technology
SUNY Binghamton University
SUNY New Paltz
Texas A&M
University @ Albany
University of Pittsburgh
University of Rochester

Nadira Jackson

Nadira Jackson


“HEAF wouldn’t allow me to be mediocre—they’ve opened more doors than I count.”
Fanessa Delarosa

Fanessa Delarosa


“At HEAF there is never a moment I’m not being pushed to be my absolute best.”