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We’re opening doors for New York City’s deserving youth.

HEAF provides an extended continuum of educational and youth development and leadership opportunities to high-potential students in underserved communities throughout New York City. Our goal is to help students develop the intellectual curiosity, academic ability, social values, and personal resilience they need to ensure success in school, career, and life. We welcome you to learn more about HEAF!

HEAF Impact

years changing the lives of young people


of our students graduate from high school and are accepted to 4-year colleges


of our students earn bachelor degrees

HEAF has a 32-year track record of delivering strong, permanent outcomes that exceed NYC and national averages:

* 100% of our students graduate high school on time—the 2019 average is 67% for African American students and 64% for Hispanic students in Harlem.

* Nearly 100% of our students enroll in four-year colleges immediately after graduating high school—in NYC 57% of students enroll in college or career programs within 6 months of graduation.

* 83% of our college students earn a bachelor’s degree within six years—nationally, the average is 37% for African American students and 42% for Hispanic students who are enrolled in private four-year colleges.


Student/Parent/Guardian Food Insecurity Workshop – May 6th

8th Grade Graduation – May 10th 

Culminating Events – Week of May 24th 

College Decision Day 2021

HEAF’s high school graduating class of 2021 students are receiving college acceptances daily!  Our HEAF program team staff are working closely with seniors on their road map to college success.  The time and effort our students dedicate to their applications, plus the support of our HEAF TEAM, is paying off.

Stay tuned for more info on our upcoming Annual COLLEGE DECISION DAY Event!


Natajah Flood

Natajah Flood


Utilize this support (HEAF) because so many students are wishing they had people in their lives that cared about their futures this much!”

Kamil Donaldson

Kamil Donaldson


” I would tell the students to be open to everything that comes your way and to never stop or lose the love of learning.”