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About HEAF

For nearly 35 years, the Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF) has changed the lives of young people, beginning in middle school and continuing in college and beyond, through a youth development approach that includes rigorous year-round academic enrichment, social and cultural exposure and constant individual attention.

New York City’s students face many obstacles to educational achievement, including struggling schools, lack of access and exposure to cultural and enrichment opportunities, and socio-economic barriers. 73% of NYC public school students are economically disadvantaged, and only 57% of graduating seniors are ready for college; 37% of those who enroll in college immediately after graduation drop out in the first semester. There are also marked racial disparities in educational success – 4 of 5 students who did not graduate on time were Hispanic or black.

HEAF’s programs have a significant impact in the lives of our students. We bring a long-standing track record of delivering strong, permanent outcomes.

HEAF's 11-Year Continuum

HEAF’S Middle School programming:

  • Ensures students are mastering grade-level academic material.
  • Supports students with SEL programming to help them navigate a time in their lives that is typically marked by social, physical and emotional changes.
  • Exposes students to cultural learning opportunities including visits to museums, performances, and out-of-town day trips.
  • Guides students and their families through the specialized high school application and selection process.
  • Supports students’ transition to high school.

HEAF’S High School Programming:

  • Exposes students to industries and occupations through structured internship opportunities, mentoring, and workshops.
  • Advises students and families through the college application process including campus visits, school selection, personal statements, and financial planning.
  • Develops students’ leadership capabilities.
  • Broadens access to unique opportunities including travel abroad through our Learning for Social and Global Impact program and summer courses on college campuses.
  • Prepares students for SATs.
  • Builds community among students.

HEAF’s College programming:

  • Supports students’ transition to college.
  • Advises students on choices of academic studies.
  • Counsels students on financial aid issues.
  • Provides students with networking and internship opportunities.
  • Connects students to career opportunities.
HEAF Student Success

100% graduate high school on time

Nearly 100% enroll in 4-year colleges immediately after high school

83% earn a bachelor’s degree within 6 years

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