Annual HEAF Scholarships recognize five Harlem Educational Activities Fund high school seniors with financial awards for outstanding essay submissions.

HEAF Scholarship Eligibility

All current HEAF high school seniors are eligible to apply for a HEAF Scholarship.

HEAF scholarships for HEAF school seniors

HEAF Scholarship Applications

In order to be considered for 2022 HEAF Scholarships, HEAF high school seniors must answer one of the following questions, in 500 words or less:

  1. If you were to win, how do you plan to use this award?
  2. What are your future plans, and how has HEAF encouraged you to pursue them?
  3. What has been your most meaningful experience as a HEAFer to date?
  4. If you could provide your younger self with one piece of advice, what would it be and how do you envision that advice shaping your future?

Application Deadline

The HEAF Scholarship application period for 2022 has ended. We encourage the class of 2023 to apply next year.