2021 Alexandra Korry Scholarship

At HEAF, we are always open to the input and interests of our students. We encourage our students to expand their horizons and learn about things that excite them, and we are here to help them along the way. Currently we have a group of students who are interested in the Japanese culture and Manga.

What is Manga?

According to the New York Public Library blog post “A Beginner’s Guide to Manga”, Manga is an umbrella term for a wide variety of comic books and graphic novels originally produced and published in Japan. Unlike American comic books, which are usually printed in full color, Japanese Manga are almost always published in black and white. Full-color prints are often only used for special releases.


Developing our Students’ Interests

A trip was organized for interested 6th – 8th graders to visit local Japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya New York. Students explored a selection of literature about Japan (written in English) as well as the extensive Manga collection. Afterwards, they headed to the cafeteria to try authentic Japanese snacks and discuss what they had seen and learned.

“At HEAF, we love to expand our students’ horizons, and engage with them on topics they are most interested in exploring,” said a HEAF team member who went on the trip. “While not part of the formal curriculum, I was happy to offer this extra-curricular initiative because I knew it would be both educational and fun.”

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