In Loving Memory, Joanna Semel Rose, 1930-2021
With sorrow we share the passing of Mrs. Joanna Semel Rose, member of the HEAF Board of Directors, unwavering supporter and co-founder of HEAF together with her husband of 65 years, Mr. Daniel Rose.

A passionate philanthropist and arts patron, Joanna was a visionary who believed firmly in the power of, and right to, a solid education to open doors to opportunity for all students. Her family says Joanna “was never happier than when she was learning.”

All of HEAF’s directors will miss Joanna’s friendship, participation and voice – one of reason, calm, caring and common sense. She challenged us all to be better. Kind yet firm, Joanna drew on her keen intellect and vast experiences to raise alternate perspectives and promote healthy debate, always to the betterment of our decisions for our students.

Joanna led an incredible life full of leadership and giving, from her role as Chairman of the Board of Partisan Review magazine, to producer at the Theatre Guild, to founding numerous arts organizations, and, of course, her special role at HEAF. You can read more about Joanna in her obituary.

Our deepest sympathies are extended to Dan Rose, Dan and Joanna’s four children, their 11 grandchildren, and the extended family and vast network of those whose lives were touched by Joanna through her grace and advocacy.